ATM Security Camera: Do You Need One?

An ATM security camera is a great way to protect your ATM, your customers, and your business. Not only does an ATM security camera deter crime, it also helps to catch criminals in the act.

There are many things you can do to improve the security of your ATM machine. But an ATM camera is one of the easiest things you can do. Unfortunately, it isn’t the cheapest thing you can do. 

Essentially, the choice to invest in an ATM security camera is up to you, the owner. Keep reading so that you can make an informed decision!

Benefits of an ATM Security Camera

Yes, cameras are popular security measures. But why? There are many ways video surveillance protects your ATM, your customers, and your business. 

Deter Crime

Obviously, the more security precautions you take, the better. Criminals do not want to spend more than a couple of minutes at an ATM machine, so after an obstacle or two, they are likely to just move on. And an ATM security camera is an obstacle.

To combat an ATM security camera, criminals would have to plan ahead and disguise or cloak themselves to avoid being identified. Or, they would have to remove or damage the camera. However, they would have to find the camera first, and that might take time. Even still, the camera could capture them in the act and, although destroyed, footage could be saved digitally.

This is not a hassle or risk most criminals want to face. Those “Smile, you’re on camera” surveillance signs you’ve probably seen in locations you frequent work. Don’t let someone break into your ATM machine because they didn’t know there would be visual proof. Let them know that the machine is under surveillance and prevent the crime and any associated damage altogether.

Catch Criminals

While surveillance camera systems reduce crime by 50% or more, crimes still happen. In these cases where the crime isn’t deterred, an ATM security camera can help catch the criminal. The camera can provide real-time response to give you a head start on alerting the authorities, and then you can provide them with identification from face detection and recognition from photo and video.

Prove Theft

An ATM security camera also provides access to photo and video of transactions. If you report theft to your insurance company, they might require proof. Providing them with that data helps you recover any losses. 

You might also have a customer who gets robbed at the ATM machine. He or she might call you to see if there is anything you can do. If you have the video footage, you could provide your customer with superior customer service. You might be able to help detect certain attacks as well and alert the authorities sooner than a bystander could.

And, unfortunately, you might need photo and video footage of transactions if you have a customer who files a false complaint. Having an ATM security camera can help you settle disputes and protect yourself against false claims.

Reassure Customers

Sure, an ATM security camera helps keep your ATM safe from damage and robbery, but it also protects your customers. Customers are more likely to use a machine that is under video surveillance than one that isn’t because they feel safer using it. 

This is another reason why it’s a good idea to advertise that your ATM machine is under surveillance. It could set you apart from competitors and bring in more business!

Where to Get an ATM Security Camera

You have a few options for security equipment. 

First, you can purchase machines that already have a camera built in. The Hyosung Force, for example, can be upgraded to include the Monivision Camera. The Monivision Camera takes a snapshot of customers as they enter their PINs and again as the cash dispenses. 

The Monivision Camera allows customers to see themselves on screen. This not only provides them with safety and comfort being able to see who is behind them, but criminals can also see themselves and know right away to move on!

Similarly, Genmega also offers a camera system. The GenCam camera system is actually included on all Genmega machines as a standard feature for no additional cost!

Now, you might already have ATM equipment that didn’t come with a camera system. You could upgrade your screen, or you could purchase your own third-party camera system from retailers like Costco or Amazon (we recommend a two-camera system). This means you might have to install it yourself. But how?

Where to Install an ATM Security Camera

An ATM security camera is really only as good as its placement. It isn’t going to work effectively if it isn’t aimed in the right direction. Therefore, installation is fairly straightforward. 

First, you will want the camera to have a clear view of a user’s hands and face. This will help you monitor transactions and settle disputes. You also want to try to capture as much of the surrounding area as possible. This can help deter or capture anyone lurking in the background. 

Finally, make sure the area is well-lit to improve the video quality. There is no sense in recording activity if the photo or video is dim, blurred, or obscure. This defeats the purpose of using surveillance for identification.

Do You Need an ATM Security Camera?

Camera systems and video surveillance are extra services and therefore come at an additional cost. If you are just starting out, this might be a feature you add on after you start generating revenue. However, it can also be a beneficial investment to protect your business and your customers. How much is your peace of mind worth?

You might even be fortunate enough to place your ATM machine in a location that already has video surveillance in place. Or, if you have an outdoor ATM machine, it might be in view of cameras of nearby locations. 

Of course, you will want to contact these locations to make sure the cameras are functional. They can be a crime deterrence regardless, but don’t count on them for evidence if they go out of service. You might feel better just having control of your own ATM security camera system so that you can make sure they are always functioning and get real-time data.

Each ATM business is different and each deployer has different needs and budgets. So consider the information in this article and make the decision that’s right for you!

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