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Wireless ATM Connectivity Options

4G Wireless Device via ATMDepot

You have two options when it comes to the way your ATM will communicate with your ATM Processor.

  1. You can choose to use the location’s Internet Service (high-speed modem or DSL with a router), you can plug the ATM into the location’s router;
  2. You can use a wireless ATM device called an ATM cellular modem from our atm wireless store.

When you purchase a wireless ATM modem from the ATMDepot wireless store, it’s lightning fast, and you don’t have to think about your ATM machine going down. Obviously, this can happen if your location’s ISP is having problems.

  • Purchase Option
  • Term: Month to Month
  • Equipment Cost: $139
  • $9.95/m
  • All wireless plans include toll free support, no hidden fees, and no minimums.
  • Rental Option*
  • Term: 24 Months
  • Equipment Cost: $0
  • $15.95/m
  • After the initial 24-month rental term, you can contact us to switch to the current month-to-month plan.

Avoid Relying on the Location’s Internet

If your ATM relies on your location’s internet then you are subject to a host of issues. Issues that are out of your control. For example, if their router goes down or their service is interrupted for any reason, you lose money that day.

Just one day of lost ATM communications could cost you more than the rental cost of an ATM wireless modem AND the wireless ATM service for a whole month.

At any rate, relying on the location’s internet to save a few pennies a day on an ATM wireless router and cellular ATM service is a costly mistake. Intermittent ISP communications cause more problems than tiny savings.

In fact, issues with local ISP communications can include slow transactions or worse. Particularly, they can be intermittent or interrupted. Thus, your customers may not receive money from the ATM, potentially upsetting them and the location staff.

An ATM Cellular Modem is Your Best Guarantee for Reliable Uptime

Anyone seriously operating an ATM business needs to consider all the benefits of owning end-to-end communication. Undoubtedly, using an ATM cellular modem to operate a wireless ATM is your best guarantee. It will surely result in the most reliable uptime.

Current pricing for this highly recommended wireless ATM device is listed above. When you are ready to get started, fill out the 4G LTE ATM Wireless Plan Form here.

Frequently asked wireless ATM questions:

Answer: We tried to outline most of this information above, but to summarize, when you own the ATM communications and purchase from the ATMDepot wireless store, you have all the control over your ATM communications from end to end.

If you use the merchant or locations ISP, and any problems arise you would have to rely on getting the location owner or manager to contact the ISP or ask them to reset their modem which can interrupt their own network.

Having your own ATM Cellular Modem lets you have complete autonomy for your own wireless ATM. You remain in control and are not subject to the location’s ISP.

Answer: ATMDepot cellular modems utilize the cellular carrier best suited for the address where your ATM machine will be located.

Our ATM Cellular modems can access AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile carriers.

If you have an event or mobile ATM machines just let us know and we can set you up with multi-carrier ATM cellular modems that accommodate any carrier for event ATMs or mobile ATMs.

Answers: We rely on the number one brand in ATM Cellular modems – InHand cellular routers / modems.

Answer: If you purchase an ATM Cellular Modem from ATMDepot our wireless ATM Store service agreement is a month to month agreement unless you decide to rent to own the device, then it’s a 2 year committment.

Answer: We have purchased some devices from the original Wireless ATM Store which is now the wireless box store. They are good knowledgeable folks. However, we wanted to focus purely on ATMs and have control over the wireless system and service so we created our own service in partnership with our ATM processor. This gives our IAD’s and other customersone point of contact for any issues if you have a problem.

We know how frustrating it can be to have to call several different vendors when you have an issue even if rare. However, by utilizing our Wireless ATM service combined with our low ATM equipment pricing and competitive ATM processing you only need to call one venor for help and no one can point the finger at your “other” provider.

Answer: Yes, we know it can get confusing when researching online, but to set the record straight, we use those two terms interchangeably. An ATM Cellular Modem is the same as an ATM Wireless Router as far as we are concerned. We prefer In-Hand routers as they have a proven track record and we’ve found them to be the most reliable.

Answer: Sure you can. But why would you want to introduce another vendor in the loop? If you have a problem with your router and it was purchased elsewhere, we won’t be able to help you as easily. The price difference might be minimal and if you ever have a problem, the time you spend chasing down the hardware problem will not be worth any savings.

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