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Getting an ATM Machine In Your Business

Need an ATM Machine for Your Store?

Whether you are looking to purchase and place your own ATM Machine in your business or looking for someone else to purchase, place, and operate the machine for you (aka free atm placement), we’re here to help. If you need an atm in your business, you’re in the right spot ✔

Yes, I’m interested in getting an ATM for my Location
I’d prefer someone else to place and operate an ATM in my Store and/or at my Event


Answer: First, as a store owner, you have to figure out how much time you’re willing to put into an ATM Machine at your establishment. Yes, you’re aware you need an atm machine in your business, however, there are other questions to answer as well. Are you willing to fill it with cash? Willing to take time out of running your business to fix an ATM error if one does occur? Are you willing to take time to keep the machine cleaned? Willing to keep it up-to-date with the latest software? Are you prepared to purchase an ATM Machine for your business by yourself?

If your answer is no, to any of the questions above, we recommend going the Free ATM Placement route and there’s no issue with that! Once you send in your ATM Placement Request, ATMDepot will search our repertoire of well-established and certified IADs (Independent ATM Deployers) for a representative of ours in your area. Then, once we find one, we’ll get you guys in touch. He/she will be able to place an ATM in your store for free. In addition, he/she will assist you with whatever ATM services you’d like provided. For example, filling the machine with cash and/or maintaining updates and cleanliness.

If your answer is yes, grab yourself an ATM Start-Up Kit. In this kit you’ll find information about our ATM processing program, pricing and brochures for our best-selling machines, the paperwork to ensure your compliance with operating the ATM, and a bonus ATM Business Start Guide. Our ATM Business Start Guide will help you with questions about the paperwork. After reviewing the kit, fill out the paperwork. Then, send it back to us, and you’ll be ready to place your order! ??

Request Your ATM Processing Paperwork

Answer: Your surcharge (aka income, residuals, or commissions) payment is sent via ACH deposit directly to the bank account you provide on your ACH Form and Voided Check.
Moreover, surcharge income deposits between the 8th and 12th of every month depending upon business banking hours and the Federal Reserve settlement times.

You can also elect to get paid by check or have surcharge funds deposited daily with settlement funds. However, we do not recommend daily surcharge deposits as it makes your accounting more tedious. Most importantly, you will also receive a monthly statement for each location around the same time.

Follow-Up Question: How do I get back the cash people take out of the ATM in my business if I’m the one loading it?

Answer: Funds withdrawn from the ATM are “Settlement Funds”. Then, settlement funds are sent (settled) back to your designated bank account (as noted on your ACH Form) the next banking business day.

If you’d like, you can have both (surcharge / income funds and vault cash) deposited into one account or you can choose to have a separate account for each. We say one account is fine if you’re only owning / operating one ATM Machine. However, that’s completely up to you and can be specified on your ACH form(s).

Answers: Yes, a separate checking account for your ATM commissions and/or funds is highly recommended. This is so that you can easily account for what you’re making from the machine. But, this is not really a recommendation as much if you’re going to go the free atm placement route.

As stated before, you may even choose to have two separate bank accounts for the ATM in your business. You may choose to have one for surcharge / income payments and one for vault cash. So, in that case you’ll need two separate bank accounts.

Answer: Yes. ATMDepot provides online access to your terminal(s). You can login from a desktop or your mobile device to check on your ATM(s) transactions in real time. You can also print statements, view deposit reports, and a host of other functions.

If you’re vaulting the ATM in your business or just want to keep up with what funds remain so you can give your ATM operator a heads up, we can also set up low balance alerts. These alerts will come to you via text to let you know when one of your ATMs is running low on cash. That way, you and your team can better manage cash replenishment.

Answer: Responsibilities and Profit.

Responsibilities of an ATM Operator / ATM Owner usually include:

  • Purchasing the ATM
  • Keeping the ATM filled with cash
  • Cleaning the ATM
  • Keeping the ATMs software up-to-date
  • Quickly fixing any ATM error codes

If you’d rather have someone else take care of these responsibilities due to your busy schedule as a business owner, we understand that. That’s why we offer our free atm placement plan. If you send us an ATM Placement Request we’ll be happy to do our best on matching you up with an ATM Operator in your area. Then, he/she can take care of these responsibilities for you and place an atm in your store.

As a result, sharing these responsibilities means that you would have to share your profits. If you do choose to go the free ‘ATM Placement’ route, you and the IAD (Independent ATM Deployer) will agree upon a shared split of the surcharge. This split is usually based upon the number of responsibilities the IAD will take on for the ATM placement.

Alternatively, you may elect to take on all of the responsibilities. Therefore, you’ll take on all of the commissions.That’s cool with us as well! Whether split between two people, three people, or paid fully to one party ATMDepot pays 100% of the ATM’s set surcharge 100% of the time.

Most importantly, the more responsibilities you take on regarding the ATM in your business, the more profit you’ll see.

Answer: There are no monthly fees, statement fees, or monthly minimums when processing with ATMDepot.

In short, you don’t pay us anything. Processing is free. We give you the full surcharge. Plus, depending upon your total transaction volume, you may be able to get a little more. The only fee you might encounter is for a wireless communication device. If you are connecting your ATM using a wireless device, the corresponding monthly fee will charge by way of the payment option you selected.
As a business owner, to bypass this fee you can wire an ethernet connection. Although, a wireless device will usually make your ATM connect during transactions faster.

Follow-Up Question: So how does ATMDepot get paid? Is there a catch?

Answer: No catch. We get paid by the networks via our processing center for helping you manage your ATM, getting your paperwork in order, handling your ATM services, and providing full-service support. That way you can concentrate on profits while we handle everything on the backend.

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