Get Started Owning an ATM Machine

Entrepreneurs, Retiree’s, and 9-5’ers

Owning an ATM Machine can make your money work for you. Unquestionably, operating ATMs is a sound investment with a profitable return. Owning an ATM Business allows you to earn income, in general, with minimal effort!

If you’re an …

  • Entrepreneur looking to build a passive income business
  • A retiree looking for increased annual returns
  • An Individual looking for a side hustle after work

This is for you!

Store Owners

Owning and placing an ATM Machine in your store significantly helps you save money on credit card fees, stops you from sending customers across the street, and makes you passive income. In short, this can all be done with one purchase!

If you’re a Store Owner who’s …

  • Turning away customers looking for an ATM Machine
  • Losing money to increasing credit card fees
  • Looking to earn additional passive income

This is for you!

Earn Up To 110%* With ATM Depot by Owning an ATM Machine

The maximum revenue share is 100% of your surcharge
plus up to 10% of the first $1.50 (i.e. up to an additional $0.15).
Surcharge Amount Minimum Income Maximum Income
$1.50 $1.55 $1.65
$1.75 $1.80 $1.90
$2.00 $2.05 $2.15
$2.25 $2.30 $2.40
$2.50 $2.55 $2.65
*ATM owners and operators set the surcharge amount on the setup paperwork. Additional Income amount is determined at time of set up and varies based on location type, number of ATMs under agreement and total transaction volume. Moreover, any network fees with this plan are paid by the ATM owner.