ATM Owner Manual

ATM Troubleshooting can be broken down into two categories. First Line Maintenance (FLM) and Second Line Maintenance (SLM). FLM is typically done by the ATM owner or cash loader. SLM is typically performed by a qualified technician.  Most ATM troubleshooting issues and error codes can be performed by the ATM owner following some simple directions using error codes, balancing instructions or using the proper ATM owner manuals to detect simple issues like paper jams, cash jams, or as simple as running out of receipt paper.

You can use the links below to download the proper ATM Owner Manuals in case you misplaced the one that came with your ATM.

Fixing ATM Machine w/ ATM Owner Manuals


Hyosung ATM

Genmega ATM

Triton ATM

Balancing Instructions