Buying an ATM

Buying an ATM is a whole lot faster and easier with our secure digital forms. No more downloading, printing, scanning, emailing, or faxing forms. Digitally sign forms right form your phone and submit instantly.

If you are ready to buy an ATM Machine, you can now order ATMs, ATM processing, and ATM wireless modems and service directly from your mobile device, all in one step. Never print, scan, text photos, email, or fax ATM order forms again!  Sign the forms right from your phone and submit them instantly.

Simply download the ATM order forms you need below or install our ATM Order forms App on your mobile device and never download another form. Then, just complete them right on your phone and submit orders from wherever you are so you can get your ATM machines up and running as quickly as possible.

ATM Forms Package

Complete the forms to buy an ATM online now. No need to download forms then send back. You complete our entire forms package online and digitally sign it. So Simple!

If you’re on the go and can’t complete the ATM forms online now, Download the Mobile App (to the right). Get instant access to all ATM forms right on your phone. Buying an ATM, set up ATM processing, and order wireless service right from the convenience of your phone.

Nothing to print, scan or email. Complete ATM forms online now, or install our ATM Forms Mobile App today. The choice is yours.

ATM Forms Mobile Application

Buying an ATM just got easier. Now you can Buy an ATM using our new ATM Mobile Forms App. This ATM Mobile forms App lets you order equipment and wireless service, as well as provide ACH info right from your phone to get ATMs up and running as quickly as possible.

To install the Mobile App (secured by Jot Forms), scan the QR code with your phone from another device. You can also click the “Get Mobile ATM Forms App” button below on a computer or tablet to reveal a larger QR code you can then scan with your phone. The new ATM order forms package is the fastest and easiest way to buy an ATM or request changes.

If you install this App, you don’t need any others unless you want access to individual forms on your phone.

IAD Agreement

Complete IAD Agreement Online

This form is required to register as an IAD with us.

This is also the form most banks will ask you for when you go to open an ATM Business Bank Account.

Complete IAD Agreement on Mobile

Use this Mobile app to complete this form to register as an IAD with or if you haven’t completed the package yet and just need your IAD agreement to open your ATM Business Bank Account.

ATM Equipment Form

Buy an ATM Only

ATM Depot atm equipment image

If you only need to Order ATM Equipment (nothing else), complete this ATM Order form online and digitally sign it now.  Easy Peasy!

Buy an ATM Only Mobile App

Our Buy an ATM (Equipment only) Mobile App is handy if you’d like a simple app that gives you instant access to the Equipment Order forms. You’ll never have to download the Equipment only form again.

This version of the ATM Mobile App, gives you instant access to the ATM Equipment-Only order forms on your phone. If you only need to order equipment, install this Mobile App (powered by Jot Forms). Click below to reveal a larger QR code or if you need all our forms, install the Complete forms App above.

Wireless ATM Service Only Form

ATM Wireless Service Only

If you need to buy or lease an ATM Cellular Modem for ATM wireless service only (you don’t need any other paperwork), complete our Wireless ATM Service form online now. Simple and fast. Nothing to download, nothing to print and scan.

To learn more about wireless ATM connectivity and understand the benefits (pros and cons) of using a wireless ATM modem instead of relying on the location’s internet service provider, visit our wireless store page.

ATM Wireless Service Mobile App

If you’re on your phone and don’t want to fill out forms right now, download our Wireless ATM Services Mobile Forms App below.

This Wireless ATM Forms App gives allows you to order Wireless ATM service right from your phone. This version of the Buy an ATM Mobile App is only for Wireless ATM Service.

To install the Mobile App (powered by Jot Forms), click the button below to reveal the app QR code.

Parts & Supplies Order Form

Parts & Supplies Only

ATM Depot Parts and Supplies Image

If you only need to order ATM parts or supplies (paper) you can complete the Parts & Supplies order form online here. Use this form to order paper and repair parts (motherboards, printers, keypads, electronic locks, screens, decals, etc.).

Parts & Supplies Mobile App

Use this QR code to access the ATM Parts & Supplies Mobile Forms. Whenever you need parts or supplies, you’ll never have to download forms again. This Mobile App allows you to order ATM Parts and supplies on your phone. To install this Mobile App form (powered by Jot Forms), click the QR code below or the button to reveal a larger QR code.