Bank ATM Branding Solutions

Financial Institution ATM Branding Solutions, a leading provider of ATM’s to retail merchants, Universities, County Jails, Manufacturers, and other commercial venues offers financial institutions a way to increase Brand Awareness, offering existing Bank customers and Credit Union Members an opportunity to use a Branded ATM where they hang out or patronize.

Brand Loyalty - Trusted BrandWith big name partners like Arby’s, PayLess, Sav-A-Lot, Fresno County Jail, Shell Gas, Welk Resorts, UIC, and many others ATMDepot ATM offers prime ATM placements for Banks, Credit Unions, and other financial institution entities whereby they can capitalize on consumers already visiting these busy locations, providing the best possible ATM branding opportunities. All this, without the headache and high costs of expanding an in-house managed ATM network.

Lower Operational Costs: As an Independent ATM Deployment Company our focus is ATM placement, processing, and management. We take advantage of economies of scale to leverage the costs of running a large network thereby passing the savings on to our financial institution branding partners.

More Customers – More Transactions – On average, off-premise retail based Financial Institution Branded ATMs attract regular users thereby increasing brand awareness. Customers that regularly pay a surcharge are prone to opening new accounts at Financial Institutions with ATMs in convenient locations where they already visit and shop. These users are prone to visiting a branch or opening accounts online to obtain “customer status” for surcharge free use of the branded ATMs. Bank and Credit Union branded ATMs create more marketing opportunities for your financial institution and encourage regular users of that ATM to become bank customers or CU members, which all equates to a much better P&L.

Customized MarketingBranding programs come complete with customized signage such as wraps, rotating screens, toppers, and more. Several options are also available for additional opportunities.

More Locations – In the current U.S. market you may be surprised that the majority of ATMs are owned and operated by non-banks. ATM Depot  partners with 100’s of retailers and other venues to ensure that branded ATMs are placed where your customers and members already shop. Does your Financial Institution have a location where you would like to place an ATM but can’t justify the in-house management costs?  Contact at 888-959-2269 and we’ll manage it for you. One low fixed monthly rate gets your branded ATM in the locations you want.

No Capital Outlay (none, zero, nada, zilch) – We want to be clear. When selecting the branding solution there is no need to purchase equipment or any ATM hardware whatsoever. Your customers and members will enjoy surcharge-free transactions through new, state-of-the art, fully compliant ATMs at no cost to you.

Complete Branding Solution:

  • Custom Marketing on the ATM with your financial institutions custom colors, messaging, logos, and graphics all approved by you.
  • Secure Broadband Communication to ATM Networks
  • Surcharge free Access for your institutions customers
  • All Vaulting Cash and cash management
  • Regulation Compliant ATM Hardware
  • Transaction Processing
  • All Maintenance
  • All Consumables
  • Customized ATM Management and Reporting
  • All Daily Operations
  • Complete Turn-key solution with NO Large Capital Rollout

Want to run your  own ATM network for less? Ask about our Managed Services program!

Download the Bank and Credit Union ATM Branding Solution Brochure