WRG ATM Machines


WRG ATM machines are reliable and affordable. WRG began in 1989 as a coin operated music and game operator.
ATM Machines out of service were too costly at the time. By focusing on utilizing a single component for both the ATM CPU, Screen & Mag swipe reader it would make repair as easy as a credit card terminal swap.
All of WRG’s ATM’s include their PHX-1000 Central Processing Unit (CPU) and designed for service. Using a simple modular system architecture, WRG ATMs are engineered with four modular components. All components house with a secure business service vault.
The four components are the CPU, the cash dispenser, the printer and the power supply. These components design to be field-replaceable, with a minimal amount of training. No formal certification required to maintain WRG ATMs.
If you’re looking for a simplistic low cost, no frills ATM, call us now about the options WRG offer today.