How to Build Wealth & Income in the ATM Business -


ATM Operators build wealth & income in the ATM Business in several ways. If you own and operate ATMs and process with us you make at least 100% of the surcharge every time.

ATM Depot also provides additional income opportunities for ATM Deployers in the form of on-screen graphics creation for advertising opportunities, customized ATM machine wraps for branding and advertising, help with parts and service, as well as the ability to offer cash loading services for your ATM business (aka vaulting service). We also place your ATM location on Google Maps. Therefore, when people search Google for ‘ATM near me’, your ATM will show up in the search results. We do as much as we can to further the passive income you earn from your ATM biz!

How do you build wealth and income in the ATM Business with ATM Machines?

ATM Depot Customers build wealth and income from their ATM business in several ways:

  • ATM Owners and Operators can charge their ATM customers (ATM cardholders) a surcharge fee for using their ATM.
    • You’re able to charge this fee because as the owner or operator of an ATM Machine you are providing a convenient service. Your service offers individuals the opportunity to save time if they need to access money from their bank without the hassle of going to their own bank or ATM.
    • ATM Depot customers set their own surcharge fee during the setup process.
    • You can choose whether to receive up to 110%
      An 110% surcharge payout is limited to up to $1.50 surcharge or up to $0.15 max.
      of your surcharge fee and pay some of the network charges or you can choose to receive 100% of the surcharge and pay no fees at all to run your ATM business.
  • How do we offer two options? Banks that issue ATM cards (called issuers) also have to pay a small fee to the ATM networks (like Visa – “Plus network” or MasterCard “Cirrus Network”) for connecting their ATM cardholders to their corresponding bank. This is called interchange. So, the way ATM Depot can offer customers up to 110% of their surcharge is by sharing some of this interchange.

    The interchange varies by network and all the fees for operating the ATM business come out of this fee. ATM Depot takes a few of the pennies left over. Then, we share them with our IADs based on type of location and number of transactions.

    In this situation, the additional fee ATM Depot customers earn is typically $0.05 to $0.15 over their surcharge. When ATM Biz Operators receive a portion of the interchange, they also pay a portion of the network charges. Depending on the Type of ATM Cards used, and the number of transactions, you can earn more than the ATM surcharge. We can help you evaluate each location to maximize your ATM Biz profits. does not charge any fees to operate an ATM Business

  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Minimum
  • Free Online Monitoring
  • Free 24-hour tech support

All the income generated by the ATM goes to the ATM owner. It’s your ATM Biz, you keep the money.

The ATM Owner decides who shares in the revenue and completes a “payee” form for ATM Depot. ATM Depot’s processing center distributes the surcharge revenue share according to the ATM owner’s instructions.

The term ATM owner can sometimes refer to the ATM Operator. Sometimes one individual, a group of individuals, or a company can own the actual ATM and someone else can operate the ATM. Meaning load it with cash (this would be the vaulter), handle any service issues (albeit rare), do the account balancing, and operate the business.

Remember, it costs you nothing to process ATM transactions with ATMDepot. There are no hidden charges. We can also pay up to 5 different people involved with your ATM business. The ATM Owner, Cash Loader (vaulter), Investor, Retailer or location, etc. Call us or Sign up now to find out all the benefits of working with ATM Depot.

ATM Surcharge Income Example

Surcharge Amount – $3.00

5 uses per day – $15.00

30 days – $450.00

12 months – $5,400.00

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Finding a great location is key, so closing with that business owner is the ultimate goal. In the Members Area, we provide explanations of the best ways to close deals with locations.

So how do you build wealth and a passive income in the ATM business?

Since the average ATM processes roughly 180 transactions or so monthly we can do the math. Let’s say your ATM happens to be in an area where the average fee to use the ATM is $2.50. Using just the surcharge alone your ATM would earn $450 per month in the ATM Biz from that one machine.

We use 180 transactions since that is the average of all machines processing on our network at this time. Some machines do fewer, some do many more. The slowest machines may only be used 2 – 3 times per day, which would be 60 – 90 transactions monthly. However busy machines might be used as much as 20 – 30 times per day which would be 600 – 900 monthly transactions. You can do the math. The better and busier the location, the faster your wealth and income from the ATM builds.

How much do you need to put in the ATM / How much money is in an ATM?

A standard ATM machine like the Hyosung Halo will hold  700 – 1,000 notes. This is much more than you would need to put in the ATM. Most ATM owners load the cash daily if they are on-site in the store. Adding just fifty or so $20 bills (about $1,000). This is usually how much money is in an ATM. Since the average withdrawal is around $60 or so, again, depending on the location, if you have a busy machine that should last the entire day. If you want to start with less and check the ATM balance using our real-time monitoring system you can do that as well. You can always login to make sure your machine never runs out if you manage off-site machines.

Banking regulations state that a cardholder must be able to withdraw a maximum of $200 when paying a surcharge. You can set limits and pre-configured “dispense amounts” regarding how much dispenses out of your ATM. However, the rules state if someone wants to withdraw $200 they can. Keep in mind that in the ATM biz the national average withdrawal is $60. With that said, some higher-end locations do see higher withdrawals. This means the ATM is busy and you will probably make more money. But, in addition to making more money, you will also need to either load more cash or visit more often.

Average ATM Surcharge

The average surcharge is typically set between $2.00 – $3.00. If you own the ATM you can set it at whatever you want, however some states have specific maximums. If you’re not sure what the legal limit is in your state click here and ask us. All of the money taken out of your ATM is directly deposited back into your checking account each business day from the previous day’s usage. All funds go through the Federal Reserve ACH (automated clearing house).

Funds from surcharge income are directly deposited into your checking account also, but at the end of each month for easy bookkeeping. It’s just like having your credit card charges direct deposited into your checking account. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how much can I make with an ATM. This is not always easy to answer.

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Average Number of ATM Transactions

The average ATM in a retail environment (not a bank) does about 6 – 10 transactions per day. Keep in mind that there are ATM owners only doing two or three transactions a day on an ATM, too. However, there are also ATM owners that have ATM machines that have 30 – 40 transactions per day.

If you surcharge $2.00 pays you between $2.00 – $2.15 based on your transaction volume and number of ATMs with us. As of 2020, the national average surcharge for individually owned ATMs has actually risen all the way to around $4.50, but whatever you charge, you earn the entire amount. ATMDepot does not keep a penny of the surcharge, that is 100% yours to keep.

  • This means if your ATM does 3 – 4 transactions per day you could earn between $180 and up to $360 or more per month.
  • If your ATM falls in the average usage of 6 – 7 per day, and you charged $2.50 you would earn between $15 – $17.5 per day, at $3.00 you would earn over $20 per day or between $360 – $600 per month.

An outdoor ATM or one of our Drive Up or Walk up kiosks can produce twenty-five (25) transactions a day or more (that’s only 1 per hour). With 25 transactions per day, you would earn over $1600 per month in the ATM Biz.

* If your surcharge fee is higher than $1.50 your maximum revenue share will be 100% of your surcharge plus up to 10% of the first $1.50.

Building Wealth in the ATM Biz

Obviously owning or operating just one ATM machine isn’t going to make you wealthy, unless perhaps it’s at a very busy casino or you have it in a trailer and go to mobile events and it gets 100 – 200 uses daily. These are rare but we do see some machines that have 100+ uses daily. If you have a location that could effectively have 100 uses or more daily at a $3.00 surcharge, that one machine could earn you close to $10,000 monthly.

The typical way Independent ATM Deployers (IAD’s) get a wealthy income ATM route is by focusing on a local area and putting 6 – 12 machines on an ATM route. Like vending machines, you would not want to drive all over the place all day to load machines. If your desire is to just have one ATM to generate some passive income or subsidize a full or part-time job, that’s also great. It’s easy to do.

However, if your desire is to build a wealthy income ATM route, you’ll need to focus on a specific geographic region. Visit, and patronize the local businesses or locations you think would be best suited for an ATM. If the locations already have an ATM, maybe they are not happy with their service, or the owner of the location doesn’t like loading cash or letting employees handle the ATM machine. Here is where the experience of ATM Depot can help you. We’ve been in the ATM business for over 20 years. We offer free advice and are happy to answer your questions in order for you to grow a successful wealth-income generative ATM business.