Benefits & Support


First of all, I just want to reiterate that if you own a retail business, restaurant, hotel, bar, or fast food establishment and don’t have an ATM you’re missing out on easy income and other benefits. Owning and operating an ATM machine is easier than operating your merchant account, and less complicated than a cash register. ATM machines rarely need servicing and our toll-free support answers all questions.

Does your business still accept checks? Want to reduce bad checks and check acceptance overall? Want to reduce your credit card fees?

get_startedStudies show that an ATM machine in your business will typically do all the above. How does a reduction in credit card fees sound? Plus, your customers will usually spend more if they have cash. With the latest credit crunch, consumers are using much more cash over credit. Giving them access to cash can only help your bottom line.

If you’re interested in purchasing an ATM to place in a business or location you don’t own, we can help you with that too. Check out our ATM Business Owners information throughout the site.

You can purchase ATM Machine equipment from us (or anyone else), then set your ATMs up on our ATM processing network. You can arrange to have the location manager put 20 – 30 twenty-dollar bills in the machine daily and you make money!

You can even set up a system to load the cash yourself using our free online monitoring so you know when the machines are running low. Simply get your $20 bills ready, visit the location, load the ATM and you’re done in a matter of minutes.

We can even help you sell, or purchase an ATM portfolio if you operate multiple machines and have agreements with the locations.

If you own a business or want to put an ATM in, but want to outsource that service, we can help you there too. We have plenty of ATM Business Owners (ATM Machines Investors) interested in good ATM locations. We would make all the arrangements between the parties and get an ATM in your business.

If you want to purchase an ATM we offer several payment options. You can use a money order, cashiers check, Paypal (for credit card purchase), or we can arrange short term (6 months) or long term (up to 3 – 5 years) financing. If you want a true lease, our lease company will only lease to the owner of the business where the ATM will be installed.

If you find a location and do not want to buy, lease, or provide the money to put in it, you will need a location partnership agreement. Once you have made arrangements with the location owner, simply have the business owner contact us. Otherwise we can help with any aspect of owning and operating an ATM machine and the ATM service that goes with it.

Surcharge Income Example

  • Surcharge Amount – $2.00
  • Your income per use – $2.10
  • 5 uses per day – $10.50
  • 30 days – $315.00
  • 12 months $3780.00