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7 Reasons Why Cash is Better Than Card

Do you know why cash is better than card? If you are in the ATM business, then you probably have your reasons, the number one reason being revenue…. But with the advancements in electronic payment technology, money transfer apps, and cryptocurrency, some might start to wonder whether cash will become obsolete. We’re here to tell […]

9 New Year Business Quotes for ATM Business Owners

New Year business quotes function much the same way as any other motivational quote you might have seen in your lifetime. The difference is that these quotes can be directly applied to business owners. The beginning of a new year is inherently motivational for most people. It signifies a fresh start, a second chance, and […]

7 ATM Business New Year Resolutions

Business new year resolutions. Have you heard of it? Sure, we have our personal ones. But why not treat your business with the same respect? Business new year resolutions are a good way to assess the state of your business and make the most of the upcoming year. Curious to know where to start? Feel […]

Cash App Taxes Could Increase ATM Usage

Cash app taxes could increase ATM usage. Many small businesses, freelancers, and those employed in part-time work who rely on cash apps, or payment applications, might have a new tax form to file next year.  Now, just $600 in online payments will trigger form 1099-K. What does this mean for payment app users? What does […]

Cannabis Crypto: An Alternative Business Model for IADs

What do cannabis, crypto, and ATM businesses have in common? They are high-risk industries unsupported by the federal government. All three of these industries are prone to unlawful business practices.  Not fully supported by the federal government, these businesses find it difficult to bank safely and affordably. Often, business owners have to find a work-around, […]