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Before jumping into Buying an ATM Machine we suggest you do some research. ATM Depot is here to help. We want you to become a well-informed ATM Equipment buyer prior to Buying ATM Machines.

How to Buy an ATM Machine

Hyosung Halo 2

Buying ATM Machines is not something anyone should rush into. While an ATM business has a low barrier to entry, we want you to start out on the right foot and become a successful Independent ATM Deployer (“IAD”).

The business of buying ATM machines and operating them as a business is not a get-rich-quick business. It is however a great way to produce passive income and is a fantastic side-hustle.

Buying ATM Machines and operating them in your own business or as part of a Vending machine or amusement business is also a great way to earn a residual passive income.

Which ATM Manufacturer and/or Model is Best for Me?

Over the last two decades, ATMs have come a long way. They are less than half the price they used to be 20 years ago and the features and hardware have dramatically improved.

Many new models have come onto the market over the last decade. Triton System, the original free-standing ATM Machine manufacturer that still makes them in the USA is still going strong today.

Several manufacturers we think very highly of are Tranax, now made by Hantle manufacturing, Hyosung ATM, and Genmega ATM. With the latter now making 24-hour through-the-wall ATM equipment at incredible prices.

Triton ATMs have decent resale value should you ever need to sell your ATM machines, and they have an excellent life expectancy of 10+ years. A Triton recertified or refurbished ATM is a good investment for lower transaction volume locations and can pay for itself in a relatively short period.

Hantle ATM Machine Equipment (formerly Tranax) aka 1700W machines are also very reliable and appeal to many users, technicians, and to us as well, due to the historically trouble-free operation. With thousands of these Hantle 1700w ATM machines in the field, it’s a tried and true workhorse.

The New Line-Up of ATM Machines

The new lineup of Hyosung and Genmega ATMs includes huge 10” screens which are fantastic for custom graphics, including welcome screens that attract attention, as well as coupon or promotional screens that can rotate during the welcome screen or the processing screens. 

If you’re considering a couponing feature, be sure to check out all the great machines these manufacturers make. Need help deciding? Call our office at 888-959-2269.

All new Hyosung, Hantle, Triton, and Genmega ATMs are 3DES compliant, voice-guided transaction capable, and ADA and EMV compliant. This makes any of them a good choice for meeting both network security and ADA compliance standards.

Genmega GT3000 Through the Wall ATM Equipment

Free Standing ATM Machine vs TTW

If you’re looking for through-the-wall ATM equipment, two of the best TTW machines are the Hantle T4000 or Genmega GT3000.

If your location is tight on space, you can even consider the Monimax 4000W Wall-Mounted ATM Machine from Hyosung. 

What are the benefits of a TTW (Thru-the-Wall) ATM? If your location has busy walk-by traffic and/or has a wall that faces a busy street, sidewalk or parking lot, consider a TTW. If the owner lets you do the construction and you can sign a long-term agreement, a TTW ATM will generate income 24 hours a day. 

Tourist locations, public transportation locations (near train stations), or busy late night areas prone to heavy traffic all make great TTW locations.

Should I Buy a Brand New ATM or a Refurbished ATM Machine?

What are some of the reasons for buying a refurbished ATM vs a new ATM?  
  • If you’re unsure if the location will be busy, or they only have 100 or so customers per day a refurbished ATM can give you an ROI a little faster. Typically a refurbished ATM will save you $300 – $600 on the total cost. While this doesn’t sound like much, it can be 10% – 30% of the price of a new one. 
  • If you have several locations that want an ATM and you only have funds for 2 new ones, consider a few refurbs instead. 
  • If you have a refurb in a location and it turns into a busy place, you can always install a new one, and move the refurb to a new unknown location until it’s a proven winner.
  • Refurbs make great event machines since you’ll be moving them around, they often get a little more abuse so why not save some bucks and get a refurb?
  • Risky, temporary, and seasonal locations are also great reasons to get a refurbished ATM.

ATM Equipment For Sale

Ready to check out our selection of ATM Equipment? Click here to head to the equipment page full of both brand new and refurbished ATMs for sale.

ATM Surcharge Income Example

Surcharge Amount – $3.00

5 uses per day – $15.00

30 days – $450.00

12 months – $5,400.00

The Amazing Money Machine

What to Know When Buying an ATM Machine

Here’s a list of what to know when buying an ATM Machine:

  • If you purchase a used or refurbished ATM make sure it has a warranty and is fully network and ADA compliant.
  • Make sure the ATM is 3DES (Triple DES) compliant.
  • 3DES is an encryption process in the keypad and firmware that protects the consumers’ PIN number from being stolen when the ATM is dialing the ATM Processor and requesting a transaction. 3DES became a requirement many years ago so sometimes we see older non-compliant machines come up for sale on classified websites that seem very cheap. These ATMs may require expensive upgrades to operate. Be careful when buying ATMs from unauthorized vendors.
  • When shopping for a new ATM Machine expect to pay $2000 – $3000 for a good free-standing ATM machine and $4,000 – $8,000 for a good outdoor through-the-wall unit (“TTW”). TTW ATM Equipment without deposits or fancy other functions will be less expensive than the big bank machines.

Need help deciding? Give us a call …

Please call us if you want to learn more about the ATM business. It’s a great business but there are a lot of shark-infested waters. Let us help you navigate the waters and keep more money in your pocket.

When you find a location that wants an ATM don’t hesitate. Give us a call and we’ll help make sure you purchase the right ATM model for your needs. Whether it’s a secure location and you need a free-standing ATM, or you have a confined space and need a wall-mounted unit, or you found a good outdoor location and want a low-cost thru-the-wall machine, we can help.

Since most ATMs have similar functionality, it really comes down to price, type of location, and reputation (manufacturer and company you purchase machines from).

We want to make sure no one gets burned and our customers make informed decisions. Please, feel free to ask us about any type of ATM machine you want to learn a little more about.

Next up, ATM Processing and How the ATM Business Works ✔ If you have questions about ATM machines or ATM processing, please contact us today.