Hyosung ATM vs. Genmega ATM: What’s the Best ATM Equipment?

Hyosung ATM equipment and Genmega ATM equipment are two of the best options available. So it can be challenging to choose between the two when it comes to purchasing. 

To be quite honest, you really can’t go wrong with either. They made their way to the top by producing high-quality, reliable equipment. However, they aren’t identical brands, of course. So the decision really comes down to what you need and what you’re looking for in ATM equipment.

To help you distinguish these competitors, we’ll compare Hyosung ATM equipment and Genmega ATM equipment from company details to specific machine recommendations. By the end, you’ll know exactly which ATM machine is perfect for you. 

Hyosung ATM Equipment


South Korea’s Hyosung, Inc. prides themselves on their innovation, creativity, and technology in the production of next-generation ATMs. Their investment in research and development has made them the fastest growing manufacturer of ATMs in the world. 

Hyosung entered the US market in 1998 with the first small-footprint retail ATM. With US headquarters, distribution, and training centers located in Dallas, Texas, and research and development support teams at the Global Software Center in Dayton, Ohio, Hyosung is one of the United States’ highest valued organizations in the ATM industry.

Technology and Features

Hyosung stays ahead of its competitors by inventing and applying solutions. Hyosung owns all of its intellectual property which allows new technology to be brought to the market faster. For example, while its competitors are just piloting recycling ATMs, Hyosung has already deployed thousands of units.

Cash recycling ATMs allow bills that have been deposited to be withdrawn by future customers. This reduces the cost associated with cash replenishment in the ATM and improves efficiency and service availability. 

Hyosung is the leading ATM self-serving solutions marketplace for both financial services and retail industries. They are partners with 4 out of 5 of the top banks in the United States. With 10 key core banking applications certified, Hyosung is the leader in core integration.

Hyosung ATMs are able to offer an extended set of transactions, alternate authentication methods besides just card and PIN, customized bank rules, and no network fees. Bypassing the ATM network directly to the bank’s core banking application makes this possible.

And, of course, Hyosung’s complete line of recycling ATMs save banks money in cash replenishment and make them more efficient by increasing availability to customers. 

Hyosung technology makes them a leader in retail solutions as well. They produce small-footprint ATMs with applications that allow users to cash and deposit checks outside of a bank, add cash to Amazon Pay, and even buy or cash out cryptocurrency.

Although Hyosung ATM machine parts are more expensive than their competitors’ and not always readily available, their unique modular engineering design allows for quicker repair times and reduces the number of parts needed. Additionally, their parts are interchangeable among their machines which is a unique feature.

ATM Disinfection Enhancements

Sanitation and safety are growing concerns among consumers in light of COVID-19. Hyosung has met these concerns with their industry-leading disinfection protection for their ATMs. 

“[W]e began working as soon as the pandemic arrived to design a solution to maximize the safety of our ATMs,” says Hyosung America CEO Hee-Eun Ahn

As a result, as of Fall 2020, Hyosung made ATM disinfection kits available. These upgrade kits can be installed on any Hyosung ATMs and include a silver ion antimicrobial touchscreen, keypad, and function keys if applicable as well as violet blue LED sterilization lights. 

These parts are manufactured with antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of microbes like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Applying these kits to ATMs at primary customer interaction points can help stop the spread of sickness, COVID-19 or otherwise. 

Additionally, Hyosung offers an antimicrobial coating service. This involves the application of an antimicrobial coating by a certified technician that protects ATM surfaces.

Hyosung ATM Machine Recommendation

Hyosung Halo 2

The Hyosung Halo II has a ‘Halo’ around the keypad which is great for dimly lit locations

Now that you know a little bit more about Hyosung as a company, let’s take a look at one of their newest and most popular machines: Nautilus Hyosung Halo II

The Hyosung Halo II is a brand-new, free standing ATM. It has a “futuristic design” that makes it great for modern spaces, but it’s really a great fit for every space from convenience stores to high-end retail stores.

Its “halo” of LED lighting surrounding the keypad draws users in and the 10” color LCD customer display screen doesn’t hurt either. It’s a great machine for indoor locations and areas where space is limited. It also utilizes new technology which positions it among the best ATMs for the retail market.

For example, its enhanced retail application enables customers to earn additional revenue from transactions like Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), donations, lottery, and surcharge segmentation. Plus, it supports cardless cash withdrawals via optional Near Field Communications (NFC) feature.

One of the biggest advantages of the Halo II is that it’s easy to operate whether you’re new or experienced with ATM machines. It has a simple operator menu program that makes it relatively easy to run and service the machine. Integration of background graphics is seamless as well. 

Last, it’s eco-friendly. Its parts are long-lasting and are interchangeable among other machines which lessens the impact on the environment. It also offers a paper-saving advantage. There’s a no receipt option and a QR-encoded digital receipt option.

Genmega ATM Equipment


Based in Dallas, Texas, Genmega has been providing ATM solutions since 2006. Although not as old as Hyosung, with 150,000 ATMs deployed worldwide they’re not far behind their competitor. Their models are also attractively designed with cutting-edge engineering and integration.

Taking customer ideas and equipment needs from concept to market, Genmega prides themselves on their willingness to explore options. There’s no doubt that their machines are designed with the user in mind. They also have a staff of engineers, developers, and technicians with decades of ATM experience available to help. 

Technology and Features

Genmega offers a GenCam which is a camera that not only records activity but also allows the customers to see themselves—and whoever might be behind them—on screen during their transactions.

They also provide a 3” printer upgrade from the standard 2”. This allows the receipt printer to present 3” graphics-capable printouts which is great for producing customized coupons and branded receipts.

ATM Disinfection Enhancements

Like Hyosung, Genmega has also taken user safety into consideration when it comes to sanitation. Vscan is a device created by Genmega that uses an Ultraviolet-C light to clean keypads that might collect bacteria and viruses.

Genmega’s goal was “instilling customer confidence” by assuring users that machines touched by hundreds of different hands are being sanitized, says Wes Dunn, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Genmega.

Here’s how it works: 

Insert your card, enter your PIN, conduct your transaction, and retrieve your card when you’re done. Once you retrieve your card, the Vscan passes over the keypad, or scans the keypad, shining the UV-C light that can kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. 

Disrupting the fundamental RNA and DNA, the UV-C light prevents bacteria and viruses from replicating according to Andrea Armani, professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Southern California.

You can check out a video here as reported by ABC7 News in November of 2020.

The Vscan device is an available option for new ATM machines, and upgrade kits can be purchased for the G2500, Onyx, C6000, and Onyx W models.

Genmega ATM Machine Recommendation

Genmega G2500

The Genmega G2500 is a reliable free-standing ATM Machine with a sleek design.

Genmega’s latest and greatest ATM machine is the Genmega 2500. It is a high-quality, technically advanced merchant ATM. Its sleek design is optimal for both retail and off-premise locations. It’s a very popular model due to the many different options available.

Additional hardware configuration choices allow you to custom fit each machine to the needs of your customers or location. You’re also provided with flexibility due to the many upgrade options for machines you might already have. For example, the standard 8” screen can be upgraded to a 10.2” touchscreen!

The Genmega 2500 is another small footprint machine optimal for indoor and space-restricted locations. With all of the features expected of a late model, it’s a great replacement option for models like Triton 9600, Triton 9700, Triton 9100, or WRG Genesis.

If you’d like to add flexibility to your business, the Genmega 2500 is the way to go.

Choosing the ATM Equipment That’s Best for You

If you were hoping that we would tell you which manufacturer to choose every time, we’re sorry to disappoint. You really can’t go wrong with either a Hyosung ATM or Genmega ATM. They are two of the best, most popular manufacturers for a reason. Well, for a few reasons!

They both produce high-quality, attractive, technically advanced machines that are sure to exceed your expectations. When choosing between the two, it really comes down to which model best meets your needs and which upgrades you might be interested in.

Hyosung could cost more in repairs over time as their parts are more expensive and not always readily available, but their machines are durable and built to last. Hyosung is overall the more popular manufacturer, but that’s not because Genmega can’t compete. It’s simply because they have a larger model line and financial institution product lines. ATM Depot carries a full line of Hyosung ATM and Genmega ATM machines, so you can check out the details for other models not mentioned in this article as well as price comparisons. If you still need help making a decision or if you have questions contact us today!

Do You Have Seasonal Allergies or Is It Just a Cold?

I’m the pill popper in our office. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m on all sorts of medications. I take vitamins and supplements to stave off Seasonal Allergies and Cold Season.

What’s the difference between an allergy and cold symptoms?

Allergies Diagram

The differences and similarities between allergies and a common cold.

Seasonal Allergies

Fall allergy triggers typically include different weed pollens. Damp leaves that start to get moldy also trigger mold allergies. That’s why my so many folks rake their yard each fall. Except those of us in California desert where we don’t have leaves that fall or much yard for that matter.

When your body encounters these triggers, your immune system treats pollen or mold as the invader which produces antibodies to defend your body. This is what causes our stuffy nose and/or headache, sneezing, itchy eyes, and coughing.

What’s more, as we get older our immune system gets weaker. In fact, a weaker immune response can also reduce allergic reactions. According to Dr. Richard Lockey at the University of South Florida, since more folks are now healthier later in life, he’s seen plenty of 80-year-olds still “having symptoms or developing new allergies.” That’s typically why so many of us say “I never had allergies growing up”.

Want to practice good allergy “hygiene” to keep sniffles at bay this time of year?

For starters, use a HEPA air filter in your bedroom. Keep one in the bedroom and clean the filter once a week. It filters out mold, pollen, and other allergy triggers.

  • Keep windows and doors closed during higher-pollen times. You can check pollen counts through Weather.com’s Allergy Tracker or Pollen.com.
  • If you are outside all day, jump in a shower and change clothes when you return home.
  • Try to avoid going outside on dry, windy days, especially when the pollen count is high and it’s blowing all over the place.
  • Try to exercise later in the day, pollen counts are highest in the morning.

A Neti Pot can also cut down on seasonal allergies, if you’ve never heard of one, check them out here. It’s an old Hindu device used to wash the sinuses and works great but be sure to follow the directions and use only distilled water and the proper salt additive designed for its use.

Seasonal Allergies

This image shows the four most common seasonal allergies.


The drop in temperature this time of year is the perfect temp for viruses to attack. There are about 200 different viruses that cause colds, however, the majority of us get sick from just the one called rhinovirus (aka, the common cold). No, it has nothing to do with Rhinos.

According to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, the chilly air weakens your body’s defenses. So, the lower the outdoor temps, the weaker our bodies’ response is to a virus. Which means we are less able to resist the rhinovirus.

My mother was a health nut in the 70’s before it was the in thing. She’d tell me that the only two supplements to help with a cold are zinc and vitamin C. You need to pound them when you first feel a cold starting.

Here’s why: Supposedly, Zinc strengthens the body’s “T-cells,” which fight off invading bacteria and viruses in the body. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, can reduce symptoms of a common cold within hours if the dose is high (I take 1,000 mg daily but 5000 mg of a powder for rapid absorption per day for 2 – 3 days when I feel a cold coming on or a tickle in my throat). This is meants to help combat inflammation and regulate blood flow. Of course, you can get vitamin C through proper diet like citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, etc), green, red, & yellow peppers, and broccoli, but not in the amount you need to fight off a cold.

When my son had a sore throat last winter he was miserable. I tried to get him to take 3,000 mg of Vitamin C but that’s a tough one for a teenager. His cough got so bad he couldn’t sleep and I was so desperate that I tried several different cough remedies and formulas. This one was the only thing that helped him sleep through the night.

Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron, which is needed to carry oxygen via red blood cells through your bod. This is the central element in the hemoglobin molecule.

Studies found in the Cochrane Library, one of the most prestigious database systems, evaluated many trials involving vitamin C and the common cold. They found taking higher doses of vitamin C cut the duration and severity of common cold symptoms.

Other Tips

Other tips can include:

  • Getting exercise
  • Washing your hands more frequently
  • Avoid sharing of drinks or utensils
  • Don’t eat food or touch your eyes or mouth after touching things in public areas (door knobs, doors, countertops, items when shopping, money, etc).

Zinc is also a known supplement that helps reduce the duration of the cold virus.

Obviously, If a cold turns into the flu or you don’t start feeling better 3 – 5 days out, please seek out your doctor. Antibiotics won’t help knock out a cold virus. If there’s something else going on, your doctor would know best.

Boosting your immune system now can cut down on symptoms and complications should you get sick or suffer from seasonal allergies.