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How to Keep Your ATM Business Going During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Make no mistake, we are at war with an invisible opponent and it takes an Army to overcome it. You all are an Army! No one here is alone in this. We’re a family of ATM Entrepreneurs with tons of experience and ideas. We will get through this and many innovations and relationships can be […]

Transaction World Magazine Article, Volume 1 Issue 6 – [2001 Revisited]

Are ATMs the New Plastic Merchants and Consumers are Choosing Cash Over Credit From Transaction World Magazine – Volume 1, Issue 6 – Cover Story 2001 The customer has spoken. More than ever, cash is king. A cautions economy, the high cost of credit and the growth of the ATM industry have spurred a purchasing revolution. […]

10 Reasons Cash Still King In an Increasingly Digital World

In an Increasingly Digital World, Cash Still King & Reigns Supreme Even as the number of digital payment methods available to consumers continues to rise, cash is still king.  Cash remains the number one choice for a large number of transactions. Some people prefer the ease of cash in completing transactions.  Others feel more confident in the […]

93% of US ATMs Never Found a Skimming Device

The National ATM Council, Inc. (“NAC”), a not-for-profit national ATM trade association representing America’s IAD’s, announced today that the results of its industry-wide U.S. Retail ATM Skimming Survey. The survey results show ninety-three percent (93%) of the companies operating ATMs at retail locations throughout the U.S. have never experienced a credit card “skimming” incident at […]

Man Finds $500 In ATM Machine. What He Did Next Shocked The Bank.

So this guy, Bobby Puryear drives up to his bank’s drive up ATM machine to withdraw money from the ATM, and as he was inserting his ATM card, he noticed someone had left a giant wad of cash where the money is dispensed. What Bobby did next is nothing short of amazing. Hopefully many humans […]