3 Major Benefits of ATM Machines in Your Businesses

If you own a store or other business, you might wonder what benefits of ATM machines you could reap. If you haven’t wondered about this, you should. In this article, we cover 3 major benefits of ATM machines to store owners. However, you will find that each major benefit breaks down into so many different opportunities!

Not only do ATMs generate revenue, they are also convenient for your employees and customers. So an asset that serves all three parties is definitely something to consider! Keep reading to see if an ATM machine is a good idea for your business.

Increase Revenues

ATM machines increase revenue. Think of an ATM machine as a mini-business. There are thousands of independent ATM deployers (IADs) nationwide whose entire business is ATM machines. They wouldn’t do it if ATMs didn’t generate income! 

Of course, it’s not necessarily a mini-business to them because they might have upwards of 10 machines to operate. But for you to add just one ATM machine to your existing business is a small way to make big revenue.

Surcharge Revenue

How do IADs make a profit? The entire business model for an IAD is to charge a convenience fee—for ATM machines this is known as a surcharge—for users to have quick, convenient access to their cash without having to get to a bank. 

This surcharge is an IAD’s sole source of revenue, and whatever is left after making the return on investment (ROI) and subtracting small maintenance costs (receipt paper, transportation costs, cleaning supplies, etc.) is profit!

Now, most IAD’s have to find location owners who are willing to host the ATM machine. Otherwise, they’d have nowhere to put their machines! To make the deal worthwhile for the owner of the location, the IAD typically offers to share part of the surcharge revenue.

If this is an arrangement you’re interested in, you can be matched with an IAD who will take care of servicing the machine (and potentially share some of the surcharge revenue) while you reap some of the other benefits of having an ATM machine in your store. 

All you have to do is send in an ATM placement request, and ATMDepot.com will set you up with someone who will place and operate an ATM in your store at no cost to you!

Alternatively, you can purchase, own, and operate your own machine. You would be responsible, then, for loading cash, refilling receipt paper, cleaning the machine, addressing errors, etc. However, you would also get to keep the entire surcharge fee, rather than just a portion, to compensate you for your time. If you are interested in this route, check out our ATM startup kit!

Whether you operate your own ATM machine or work with an IAD, there are still plenty of other opportunities to increase your revenue.

Increase Average Spent

If you own a store, maybe a convenience store, gas station, boutique, etc., you want to increase the amount each visitor spends. An ATM is a great way to do this. Why? Cash. When people have cash in their hands, it’s convenient, it’s available, it’s quick, it’s ready. 

Having an ATM machine available to your visitors and existing customers increases the chances of them purchasing more items, especially those impulse purchases like snacks, gadgets, souvenirs, reusable totes…. All of this adds up in the course of a month to drive up your sales (and the surcharge revenue is the cherry on top!).

Increase Traffic

When you add an ATM machine to your store or business, you draw new customers who might only stop by specifically because of that ATM machine. Put a sign up to advertise that you offer ATM services, and you appeal to a whole new range of customers aside from those who might want and need the services of your actual store.

The more services you offer, the wider range of customers you appeal to, and the more business you create for yourself simply by bringing people into your business. Some of these people might not have ever stopped by otherwise, and others still might see something they never knew they needed from your store or business! Therefore, an ATM machine can be quite the lead magnet….

Increase Customer Loyalty

In addition to bringing new traffic to your store or business, an ATM also promotes repeat customers. Almost every consumer (82%) is happy that ATMs are available to suit their needs. This means that a majority of consumers have convenient access to ATMs. Yours could be one of them.

Once users know the ATM exists, they know where they can always quickly and easily access their money. In this way, you bring in more customers regularly.

You can also look for an ATM machine with the ability to print coupons on ATM transaction receipts. Offering coupons to ATM users provides an incentive for passersby to choose your ATM (as opposed to, say, the one across the street) and also encourages purchases of goods and services from your regular business!


Another upgrade you can make to an ATM machine to increase revenue is a graphics screen. With a large screen that has the ability to display graphics, you can promote your business with your logo, sales, promotions, etc. Or, you can add another revenue stream by selling ad space on your ATM to nearby businesses!

Save Money on Credit Card Fees

Not only can you make extra money with an ATM machine in your store by increasing revenue, but you can also save money. If you don’t (already) run a cash-only establishment, you likely have to pay a fee every time you process a customer’s credit card. And these fees add up.

If you offer access to cash in your store, you encourage more cash payments. More cash payments mean less credit card transactions, less fees, and more money in your pockets. Then, if it works for your business, you might be able to become a cash-only establishment and never pay another credit card transaction fee again!

Another option you have is Bitcoin. As cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular, you might find that you want to start accepting crypto payments. Depending on where your business is located and the needs of the consumers in the area, you might find that converting your ATM machine to a Bitcoin ATM machine (BTM) brings in customers who may have trouble finding this service. You might even decide to have both!

Improve Safety

Why will passersby use your ATM machine as opposed to the one across the street? People who need to use an ATM machine want to feel safe and comfortable doing so. Most ATM users feel safer using a machine that is located in or near a trusted store or business that has surveillance, lighting, and a good reputation. 

Even if your business is lacking one or more of these, just having an ATM inside your store or business will make users more comfortable than using one out in the open on the street. To ensure you place your ATM machine strategically in your store to enhance comfort and safety, check out our article about ATM security tips.

An ATM machine might also benefit your employees. Do your employees really want to make another stop before or after work to access their money? Probably not. Additionally, they should feel more comfortable using a machine in an environment they are familiar with. So the ability to bank where you work is a plus for your employees, too!

As far as you and the money generated by your store or business, an ATM machine keeps you safe as well. Using store money to load the ATM machine keeps those funds safe and secure. In this way, an ATM machine functions as an on-site safe as well as a money-maker. 

Is Your Business Right for an ATM?

While there are many benefits of ATM machines for store and business owners, it might not be a good fit for everyone. There are some costs associated with operating an ATM machine, including the cost of the machine itself, so you want to be sure you will make enough revenue in surcharge fees to justify the purchase of the machine.

So how do you know how well an ATM will do before you purchase the equipment? Here are a few factors to consider:


There are two rules of thumb you can use to predict the success of an ATM machine:

First, calculate 2-3% of the average number of customers your business sees in a day, then multiply that number by the surcharge amount (about $3). Multiply that by the number of days you are open in a year to get a rough estimate of your yearly ATM revenue.

Alternatively, you can take the number of adult patrons your business sees every day and multiply that number by the surcharge amount to get a rough estimate of your monthly ATM revenue. To create a range, take the number of daily adult patrons and add 10% to get a higher monthly estimate and subtract 10% to get a lower monthly estimate. Then look somewhere in the middle of those two numbers for a closer estimate of monthly revenue.

If your business doesn’t see enough daily traffic, these numbers might not be worth the effort of maintaining an ATM machine. So when evaluating the need for an ATM machine, you’re really looking at the demand for the service. Do enough people visit or pass by your store to make an ATM machine worthwhile?

Proximity of Nearest ATM

Furthermore, you want to consider whether or not the market for an ATM has already been cornered. If the store next to you, down the block, or across the street already offers this service, you might have to share customers. This can impact your ATM revenue. However, you can always offer a competitive surcharge fee and coupons to draw that business away from nearby ATMs. 

Number of Employees

If you own an office building as opposed to a retail store, you might want to add an ATM machine to the premises to benefit your employees more than customers or clients. In this case, you want to make sure there are at least 200 people in the building every day and that there is a need for the service. 

If there is a coffee shop, gift shop, cafeteria, or other nearby place for employees to spend money, then an ATM might be beneficial. You might also see an increase in transactions on Fridays before employees go out for the weekend and payday. This might also be extremely convenient for them. So just make sure you properly gauge the need for an ATM machine before committing.

Special Events

Mobile ATM machines are great for use at outdoor events. If you own a bar, restaurant, food truck, or any other business where events take place like carnivals, live music, fundraisers, pop-up markets, etc., then an ATM machine could be a great benefit to patrons.

Essentially, any place where patrons have the opportunity to make donations or purchase merchandise, food, and beverages is the perfect place for an ATM machine. 

Start Reaping the Benefits of ATM!

There are many benefits of ATM machines in retail stores and other businesses. It all comes down to demand. An ATM is a great opportunity for you to make some extra cash as well as satisfy the needs of your customers and employees.

To own and operate your own ATM machine and keep every cent of the ATM profit, request an ATM start-up kit, and we’ll get you started! If you’d rather partner with an IAD and simply reap the benefits of increased traffic and sales, just send in an ATM placement request! Once you evaluate the need for an ATM machine in your store or business, contact us to get started! Click here for more information about special offers for business owners.

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