Tabletop ATM Machines

What are the Benefits of a Tabletop ATM Machine?

Hyosung Table Top ATM

Tabletop ATM machines (and Wall Mounted ATMs) are great for small spaces and when floor space isn’t available. They offer customers the money they need in a compact size machine. They can be placed almost anywhere a counter top or wall mount is available. They offer the same up to date transaction processing and they are a less expensive option when investing. 

Tabletop ATMs are some of the most efficient and easiest ATMs to maintain. Their easy access components can be reached with a flip of the top and yet they are just a secure as any standard ATM. Add receipt paper with ease. Easily add cash or do a little maintenance between customers. All of the upkeep that comes with your ATM machine is right there at table top eye level. There is no floor space needed for the table tops, lending more room to your merchandise or the merchandise of the store owner who provided space for your machine.

Click here to see the exact specifications of the Hyosung Monomax 4000 Tabletop or Wall Mount ATM.

What is the Difference Between the Tabletop and Standard ATM?

There are two things to take into consideration when looking into purchasing a table top ATM machine. First of all, the tabletop ATM (unlike the standard size ATM) can be lifted if not bolted down to the counter or mounted properly on the wall. Maybe not by one person, but with enough strength it can be lifted and carried away. So, for maximum security the machine should be secured to a table or countertop. This way you can rest assure that no one can walk off with your cash filled machine. Secondly, tabletop ATMs don’t hold as much cash as a standard ATM. This may not be a problem for you because you may either be in a lower traffic area or you may be available to load cash more often. In the case that you are in a lower traffic area the tabletop ATM machine may be a great choice for your ATM investment. 

How will a Tabletop ATM Affect My Business?

Your ATM business isn’t smaller because you choose to use a smaller machine. With proper maintenance and upkeep your tabletop ATM machine can bring in as much profit as any standard size machine. With these little machines it’s important to remember that the more you keep them stocked with cash the more money they will bring in. Customers want to be able to always depend on a machine to be in working order. Most of your customers will be in a pinch and need cash quickly if, for example, if their card isn’t working, they need to make a cash payment to someone, they forget their cash at home, or their on a road trip and need the extra security of carrying cash. They need to always be able to depend on your machine.

To keep your ATM business up and running with a tabletop ATM you must be able to restock it frequently. If you are able to do this then you can depend on your machine to get the job done. Your tabletop will get added exposure, sitting front and center in your store, easy for customers to spot. If a problem or question comes up the store clerk is right there to help out. If placed at the checkout line customers can even grab cash without getting out of line.

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