Is there a Benefit to Leasing an ATM Machine?

get_startedSo you’ve decided to purchase an ATM Machine but don’t know if you should consider leasing an ATM Machine or doing an outright cash purchase. Leasing an ATM Machine can make a big difference in both cash flow and profitability of your ATM Machine program.

Years ago, when ATM machines used to be over $5,000 ATM Machine Leasing was much more common. Now with ATM Machines costing just $2,000 – $3,000 many retailers don’t want to lease another piece of equipment or have another monthly payment commitment.  If you’re considering purchasing several ATM Machines, then leasing might be an option, but with rates on bank financing on equipment it might be more profitable to borrow instead of lease.

If you have great credit and only want to lease the actual ATM equipment and not bundle up installation or other options in the deal you can get a lease for as low as $55/mo.

However, while our ATM Equipment leases can be as low as $55/mo we also offer alternative financing for qualified locations. Upon receipt of your ATM agreement and purchase application you may qualify for our 60 day deferred financing plan.

The ATM deferred financing allows you to make 3 equipment payments If you qualify for this program. Upon purchase of the ATM Machine we accept a 50% deposit and two payments of 25% each 30 days apart.

For example, if your entire ATM equipment purchase is $2500 and you choose to lease the ATM over 3 or 5 years you may pay a lease rate between $55 and $95 per month depending on your credit, length in business, ATM equipment type, and other options.

If you prefer ATM Machine Leasing, an ATM Lease is a great option since your lease payment is fixed, is usually tax deductible and can recouped each month based on your commission from operating the ATM.

However, an out-right purchase has a Return on Investment (ROI) between 3 and 18 months depending on your location, surcharge and hours of operation. The national average of all our ATM Operators have an ROI of 8.5 months based on a $2 surcharge, thereby avoiding a long term ATM Machine Lease.

If you would like additional information about an ATM Machine Lease, our ATM deferred financing option or other information about how to pay for an ATM machine, please call us today.