Welcome to the ATM Expert Blog

Welcome to the ATM Expert Blog

Welcome to the ATM Expert Blog

Welcome to ATM Expert. We hope you find the information we’ll be provided here on our blog to be informative, educational and most of all helpful in your selection of ATM Machine Processing Companies.

You can also keep informed by following us on Twitter and checking for our eHow articles and Youtube Video’s coming soon. We also have a group on Facebook for those in the industry, The ATM Entrepreneur Group. In the meantime, feel free to check out the ATM Machine web site for a host of information.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions. We’re always here to help you make informed decisions.

Noah Wieder, Founder of ATM Depot an ATM Machine Processing Company, has been in the ATM Machine business since 1994 & was founder of the former XtraCash ATM. Jeremy Camhi, National Sales Manager, ATM Owner & resident in-house ATM Expert has been in the ATM Machine business since 1999.
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2 replies
  1. Linda Apps
    Linda Apps says:


    I’m writing a blog for a bank and I need a quote from an ATM expert. Would you be able to help? The catch is I need it by tomorrow, 18th July! If you can, I’d like a comment on whether all ATMs are dependent on GPS systems, and if so, what happens when the satellite fails. Or something on the future of ATMs.


    Linda Apps

    • ATM Expert
      ATM Expert says:

      Hi Linda,
      All ATM Machines are not dependent on GPS systems. ATM Machines communicate with the processing networks several ways using standard telecommunication methods (some of them still use a standard telephone line) including dial up, DSL, Ethernet (via an ISP), or even cellular communications. Some of the ATM’s in banks may even use a T1, T3, Fiber Optic, or Ethernet over copper. GPS systems were not designed as a method of two way communication so ATM’s typically don’t use them. When a GPS system is used for other methods they use many satellites to triangulate the position. If one satellite were to fail during GPS usage II’m fairly certain it would not have a significant effect on the system. Hope that helps you.


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