Hyosung 2800T

Brand-New Walk-Up Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATM Machine

Nautilus Hyosung 2800T TTW ATM Machine

AS LOW AS $4,330.00

  • Key Features

    • 12.1″ High Resolution TFT LCD Color Display
    • EMV Card Reader for the new Chip Based Cards – INCLUDED
    • Upgraded Electronic Lock – INCLUDED
    • Standard 1000 Note Cassette (upgradeable, see below)
    • Microsoft Windows CE Operating System
    • Supports up to 6 Languages – English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, & Korean
    • Communications: Dial up, TCP/IP Internet, or Wireless
    • ADA Compliant Voice Guided Transactions
    • One Roll of Receipt Paper Included
    • 24 Month Parts Warranty
    • Free Shipping* ($350 Value)

    *Free Shipping not included to Alaska or Hawaii (call for quote)

  • Upgrades and Options

    • ATM Standard Sign Topper – $75
    • 2000 Note Removable Cassette – $350
    • Dual Removable 2K Cassettes, 4000 Notes – $950
    • Upgraded S&G Lock – $375
    • MoniVision Camera – $150
    • Professional Installation and Training: From $199 – $350*

    * Assumes location is ready with power and communications

ATM Equipment Specifications

With a built-in LED backlit sign and the ability to accommodate up to three removable cassettes, the new Hyosung 2800T makes sure you attract more sales, just like its sibling, the free-standing Hyosung Halo II.

  • 12.1" High-Resolution Screen

    Includes a user-friendly interface with a large 12.1″ display screen

  • Built-In Backlit Sign

    The built-in LED backlit sign in addition to an already attractive design helps to make sure no one misses your atm machine

  • High Capacity

    The ability to accomodate up to three removable cassettes helps managing your cash easier

  • Dimensions

    • Height 71.9″
    • Width 15.7″
    • Depth 26.4″ for 3″ wall
    • Depth 33.4″ for 10″ wall
  • Weight

    • 330 lbs

Additional Hyosung 2800T TTW ATM Machine Specifications:

The Hyosung 2800T is a brand new through-the-wall (TTW) ATM machine. This machine brings you the latest and greatest advancements in ATM technology. The ATM has a high capacity note storage. You’ll also have dependability and ease of maintenance due to the heavy-duty design of this machine.

The new TTW Hyosung 2800T offers a 12.1″ display screen size as well as tactical touch function keys. With the ability to hold up to three removable cassettes, Hyosung makes sure you will be able to manage your cash easier.

One of the greatest features of the Hyosung 2800T is the built-in backlit sign. This is where the machine is similar to the Hyosung Halo II. The integrated LED light is designed to make this already attractive ATM even more visible.

Important Features

All the standard features you expect from a GREAT Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATM Machine including:
  • 12.1″ High-Resolution Color TFT LCD Screen
  • ADA compliant out of the box
  • Ethernet Connection (fast transaction processing)
  • Integrated Illuminated Topper
  • Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity, Weatherized Design
If you’re looking for a TTW ATM Machine that can hold lots of cash with an enhanced design and interface, you’re looking for the Hyosung 2800T.
ATMDepot recommends and includes an Electronic Lock for quick easy access. No more fumbling with old style tumbler locks. If you load your ATM during business hours, or if you don’t like fiddling with combination locks, this included upgrade is for you.
The 2800T is 100% completely ADA Compliant out of the box. The machine comes equipped with function keys, a 12.1″ display screen and a voice guidance system allowing you to make money immediately. No ADA upgrades required.
Cost-Free Compliance:
A Visa certified Encrypting PIN Pad (VEPP) and EMV come standard with our configuration, plus it’s guaranteed to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements for voice guidance system with keyboard lighted action.

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