Tranax 1700 ATM Machine

ATM Models to Consider for Your ATM Business

For an ATM business to run successfully you need a reliable machine that is up to date and ready to serve all your customers at all times. Selecting any of these ATMs you’ll be up to date on the latest features and also be able to update your machine with the newest software when needed.

Hyosung Halo ATM

Halo Nautilus Hyosung ATM machine for sale -888-959-2269The Halo is set apart by (and named for) the circle of light that surrounds the recessed pin pad and illuminates it with a constantly changing spectrum of colors. This is an attention getting machine and the numbers speak for themselves.

Owners with the new+ Halo are reporting increased usage as the machine is very noticeable as it comes standard with a large 10-inch LCD screen (about the size of an ipad) using Microsoft Windows as the operating system so adding custom graphics to that incredible screen is made simple. The Halo is also available with an optional high gloss white finish.

The Halo is also the first Hyosung unit for the U.S. market to come from the manufacturing facility with full EMV capability built in. When ready to deploy EMV, the operator can take the technology live without having to change out machines or components.  This will be a huge cost savings for ATM operators when EMV becomes a requirement which is not far off.  The Halo replaces the popular Hyosung 1800 series of ATM Machines and offers full backward compatibility with the NH-1800 from a parts perspective.  The Halo weighs in at a hefty 264 lbs making it one of the smallest, sturdiest, and most advanced ATMs available for the retail market.

Hantle Mini Bank 1700w

Hantle 1700w ATM Machine for sale - 888-959-2269The Hantle ATM Mini Bank 1700w is a slender ATM machine with a great value. It has a simple contemporary design common to ATMs but can be upgraded to hold as many as 4 cassettes to offer multiple denomination dispensing or for a very busy location.

The 1700w Retail ATM, represents best in class performance, uncompromising value, in a confidence inspiring design. The 1700w integrates a host of high-end features including a 7” High Resolution Color LCD and TCP/IP communication with SSL. The 1700W is TDES and ADA compliant out of the box (Not including Audio Braille Stickers), including a PCI/VISA/Interac certified encrypting PIN pad (EPP), a voice guidance system, and lighted action indicators.  Comes Standard with an 800 note fixed cassette. Available upgrades include a 1,000 & 1,700 note cassette as well as dual and quadruple 1,700 note cassettes for extremely busy locations.

Genmega G1900

 Genmega G1900 ATM Machine for sale - 888-959-2269The Genmega G1900 includes all the features and options you would want in a professional ATM Machine. This ATM is almost identical to the Hantle 1700. It is a low cost retail ATM Machine that gets you in the ATM business and making money immediately.

The great thing about the G1900 is the G1900 Series vault has been reinforced along the door edge, and a flashing security LED added to help prevent physical attacks.

Hyosung Monimax 4000w (Wall Mount)

Hyosung Monimax 4000W for sale - 888-959-2269Are you short on floor space but still want to provide an easy way for your customers to get cash?  The Hyosung 4000w includes all the features and options you come to expect from Hyosung. The wall mounted application and ergonomic design allows 4000W to be installed virtually anywhere. Completely ADA Compliant out of the box (must be mounted according to height requirements). The amazing 8” wide TFT LCD screen plus the voice guidance system get you making money immediately. No ADA upgrades required. The 4000W is simply the ultimate ATM solution in the off-premise industry where floors space is at a premium.

The Hyosun Monimax 4000W is a totally unique configuration, It’s a safe wall mounted ATM to support interior deployments. With its compact size, the Monimax 4000W provides maximum space efficiency to customers. From its highly efficient user interfaces to its robust capabilities including a full range of advertising and marketing support along with standard ATM transactions, the Hyosung 4000W sets the standard for convenient deployment options in a wall mounted application.

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