Free ATM Welcome Screen to use during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Show Your Customers You Care

If your ATM business has been on life support during the Pandemic it’s time to get the defibrillator out. Merchants will begin opening before you know it.

Have your plan ready and jump-start your ATM Business.

Start making calls and appointments with your existing customers. Find out when they are going to open. Tell them you want to come in and clean the ATM before they open.

Go in a few days before they plan to open and clean the ATM-like you’ve never cleaned it before.

Add one of these welcome screens and some signs letting customers know your ATM and its cash are sanitized.

We understand and appreciate what ATM owners are going through. We want to help you get going again during this challenging time.

Your ATM Users should know that you care about their safety so we’re offering free ATM Screens you can use to let customers know your ATM has been disinfected.

These screens are free to use to all ATM Businesses during the Coronavirus.

Why are we giving these away? Why not. We are all in this together and we want ATM users to know it’s safe to use the ATM and the cash inside.  We value and respect you doing your part in keeping ATM Users safe.

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