7 Top ATM Business Training Programs

ATM business training isn’t a requirement of starting an ATM business. But it sure can help! One of the many great things about starting an ATM business is that anyone can do it. You don’t need any specific certification, education, or training. However, if you want to save yourself time and money that avoidable mistakes can cost you, it might be worth it to invest in an ATM business training program so that you can start making money fast.

Now, we know you have a lot of options when it comes to ATM business training programs. And that can be overwhelming, especially with so many scam websites out there. 

So, to help, we’ve compiled this list of 7 top ATM business training programs that come up with a basic internet search to help you determine which program is right for you.

Insure ATM – ATM (Online) Training

Insure ATM Global Distribution and Services offers an online training program for ATM technicians. This training material won’t walk you through the ins and outs of starting an ATM business as an independent ATM deployer (IAD). Instead, this training program is designed for ATM business owners who employ a workforce of ATM technicians. They promise a comprehensive training solution customized to fit the needs of your technicians.

Their training classes are all entry-level and concern the use of ATMs and their installation, removal, upgrading, servicing, and repair. Insure ATM is a global supplier of original spare parts of the world’s major ATM brands with significant experience and keen understanding of the industry and a multilingual sales team. 

However, they are based out of the Netherlands which might create a barrier for US-based ATM owners. Furthermore, their training only covers ATM-machines and parts of the latest types of NCR and Diebold Nixdorf which are not the most common independent ATM models in the US. 

ATMMachines.com: Start Your Own ATM Business Empire

National ATM Wholesale offers an ATM business online course that promises to help you build a six-figure income without any capital or credit. Founder Justin Gilmore is proof that you can start an ATM business without a specific background in ATMs or sales, a high school diploma, or even money. 

Their ATM business training course covers everything for starting an ATM business from ATM placement to branding to value-added services. They warn that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme, emphasizing the value of hard work and dedication to the training and the business. What’s more is they offer a full refund after your first placement to help motivate you to see it through to the end!


There are a number of different courses available to you on Udemy. The biggest concern here is that basically anyone can publish a course on this site, so it’s hard to tell the quality of the information before you spend your money. 

The publishers of courses like “The ATM Machine Business Crash Course,” “How to Start A Successful ATM Machine Business,” and “How To Get Started In The ATM Business- Complete Blueprint” are individuals rather than full-fledged companies. That means that they will not offer ongoing support, equipment, contracts and documentation, or online monitoring. You will have to get all of that from a separate ATM processing company and/or vendor.

Now, because of this, these ATM business training courses will be among the cheapest you’ll find, ranging from about $29.99-$64.99. This price corresponds to the amount of information you’ll receive: 30 minutes – 2.5 hours of videos, 1 article, and a few downloadable documents. And honestly, you can find a lot of basic information online for free whether in blog articles or by joining a Facebook group for ATM entrepreneurs and just asking questions.


The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), a leading non-profit trade association that represents the entire global ATM industry, is the authority on ATM machines and operations. ATMIA serves more than 9,000 members from around 500 companies located in 70 countries spanning the entire ATM ecosphere, including financial institutions, independent ATM deployers, equipment manufacturers, processors and a variety of ATM service and value-added solution providers.

Naturally, they offer training courses and support to their members. However, rather than focus on helping IADs start an ATM business from the ground up, their business training courses are more specific. For example, they offer separate training for vault managers, first line maintenance (FLM) technicians, operations supervisors, and customer service representatives. There is also a security training course. 


ATMGurus offer hands-on, in-field repair ATM training. Again, their training is specific to servicing most retail ATMs rather than becoming an IAD. Furthermore, their training is on-site, not online. While their training facility is located in Long Beach, Mississippi, they do offer to travel to you. So if you are in the area looking for hands-on FLM training, this could be beneficial for you.

If you want to become an ATM technician, you can check out their comprehensive retail ATM training program. Or, if you’d like to become well-versed in servicing your own Hyosung, Genmega, or other model, you can check out those specifically curated classes. They also encourage you to request any particular training you might be looking for and are struggling to find.

ATM Freedom University

ATM Freedom University promises to unlock a reliable stream of passive income every year with their ATM Business Partnership Program. They will build out your entire ATM business from the locations to the ATMs to full certification. And they guarantee your first placement in 90 days or your money back. 

Their exclusive training will show you how to build out a profitable ATM business from scratch…if you’re an investor or business owner with at least $10,000 in investment capital…. This training is not for the average Joe looking to start learning the ATM business one machine at a time. Instead, it’s for someone with enough money to invest in a number of machines right away. So if you don’t have a lot of start-up cash, this ATM business training is not for you.

ATMDepot.com: ATM Business Roadmap 

ATMDepot.com offers a complete roadmap to financial success by showing you how to start an ATM business. This ATM business training will help you start your business as an IAD with live support available every step of the way. ATMDepot.com is an ATM processing company, so you can purchase equipment, process transactions, use their online monitoring system, and receive ongoing support throughout the course of your training and beyond. 

While other training programs claim to be comprehensive, ATMDepot.com’s ATM Business Roadmap takes you through the start-up process taking complete beginners with no knowledge of the ATM industry to purchasing and placing their first machine. But the ATM business training doesn’t stop there. 

You can continue to grow your business by adding more machines to your business, revisiting the roadmap as necessary. ATMDepot.com will provide you with all of the tools and resources you need, answering all of your questions along the way. You’ll have lifetime access to a community of ATM business moguls who have your back.

The ATM Business Roadmap Training System is given by ATMDepot.com founder himself, Noah Wieder, who has been in the business for 30 years. He’s seen it all and therefore can help you avoid costly mistakes so that your ATM business venture goes as smoothly as possible. 

The ATM Business Roadmap is suited for both those looking to get started with one machine and earn a little extra spending money and those looking to scale up to 12 – 24 machines and make a couple grand each month. This makes this business training program not only comprehensive but also universal.

Not sure? Try it out and get a full refund within 30 days of purchase or after the first three modules (a dozen lessons!) if it isn’t right for you.

Give Yourself the Gift of Financial Freedom

Whichever route you decide to take, the new year is right around the corner. There is no better time to start looking into ways to get out of your dead-end job and just finding your next stream of income.

As you reflect on the past year, think about whether or not what you’ve been doing is working for you. If it isn’t, it might be time for a change. Ask yourself: Am I a talker, a dreamer, or a doer? This year, be a doer. Go into business for yourself where you call the shots and make money while you sleep, travel, and pursue other hobbies. 

For these reasons and more, an ATM business is the ultimate side hustle. What are you waiting for?

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