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What are the Benefits of a Tabletop ATM Machine?

Hyosung Table Top ATM

Tabletop ATM machines (and Wall Mounted ATMs) are great for small spaces and when floor space isn’t available. They offer customers the money they need in a compact size machine. They can be placed almost anywhere a counter top or wall mount is available. They offer the same up to date transaction processing and they are a less expensive option when investing. 

Tabletop ATMs are some of the most efficient and easiest ATMs to maintain. Their easy access components can be reached with a flip of the top and yet they are just a secure as any standard ATM. Add receipt paper with ease. Easily add cash or do a little maintenance between customers. All of the upkeep that comes with your ATM machine is right there at table top eye level. There is no floor space needed for the table tops, lending more room to your merchandise or the merchandise of the store owner who provided space for your machine.

Click here to see the exact specifications of the Hyosung Monomax 4000 Tabletop or Wall Mount ATM. Read more

ATM Models to Consider for Your ATM Business

For an ATM business to run successfully you need a reliable machine that is up to date and ready to serve all your customers at all times. Selecting any of these ATMs you’ll be up to date on the latest features and also be able to update your machine with the newest software when needed.

Hyosung Halo ATM

Halo Nautilus Hyosung ATM machine for sale -888-959-2269The Halo is set apart by (and named for) the circle of light that surrounds the recessed pin pad and illuminates it with a constantly changing spectrum of colors. This is an attention getting machine and the numbers speak for themselves.

Owners with the new+ Halo are reporting increased usage as the machine is very noticeable as it comes standard with a large 10-inch LCD screen (about the size of an ipad) using Microsoft Windows as the operating system so adding custom graphics to that incredible screen is made simple. The Halo is also available with an optional high gloss white finish. Read more

Man Finds $500 In ATM Machine. What He Did Next Shocked The Bank.

So this guy, Bobby Puryear drives up to his bank’s drive up ATM machine to withdraw money from the ATM, and as he was inserting his ATM card, he noticed someone had left a giant wad of cash where the money is dispensed. What Bobby did next is nothing short of amazing.

Bobby Puryear Finds $500 In ATM

Hopefully many humans wouldn’t think of keeping it, but unfortunately, most might, but we’ll keep faith that humankind hasn’t totally lost the word “kind”.

Yesterday I went to the drive thru atm at my bank as I was putting my card in I noticed where the money comes out of…

Posted by Bobby Puryear on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Story about finding $500 in ATM Money Slot

Bobby actually drove around to the front of the bank, and took the $500 he found in the ATM Machine to the teller and explained what happened. At first, the teller didn’t really know what to do so they got the bank manager involved. At that point, Bobby (who isn’t even a banker) suggested they try to find the person that used the ATM just before Bobby. That shouldn’t be difficult, ATM’s have journals and online reports making it easy to track down who used the ATM and the exact times.

The next day, the bank manager spoke to Bobby and explained they were on a 3-way call and that the manager had found the owner of the $500 to be a 92-year old woman named Edith. She explained that she used the ATM to get her rent money of $480 and offered Bobby a $20 reward. However Bobby came to learn that Edith was on a fixed income and the $20 was really the last of her funds for the month.

Needless to day, Bobby found it hard to believe that Edith wanted to give him the only money she had as a thank you. Obviously, since he returned the money he was not looking for a financial reward but an emotional reward which comes from doing the right thing. Bobby told her he couldn’t accept the $20 and told Edith to have a nice day. But wait.. there’s more…

As anyone can imagine, Bobby continued to think about Edith and the encounter since it was obvious that she struggled to make ends meet month-to-month financially. Bobby, decided to call back the bank manager and asked that he transfer $200 of his own money into Edith’s account (even more good vibes).

I am stunned with the amount of friend request I am getting just from doing what’s right, I must live in a bubble…

Posted by Bobby Puryear on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

That’s when something astonishing happened. When the rest of the bank employees heard that they had such a kind hearted customer, they all chipped in another $300 and deposited $500 into Edith’s account as a Christmas gift.

Would that have happened if it wasn’t the holiday’s? Perhaps, but we can still hope that it wasn’t just the Christmas spirit but that of human”kind”.

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